Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Does a soulmate exist?

A while back I went looking for a little understanding on the idea of a soulmate. Did they exist? So I asked my mom. Before I repeat what she said, this is what I thought. I think, and still do think, that our hearts have a great capacity to love more and more. That just loving one person in a lifetime is not possible when our hearts are called to such great love of all in humanity. I looked up the definition too and this is what came up, that absolutely resonated with me: soulmate. This urbandictionary.com definition was totally beautiful for a meaning if you ever looked for one. I've loved deeply a couple of times and this one really hit a mark. But then my mom said something a little different. She said that she always loved my dad but he became her soulmate. So that idea of one becoming a soulmate is viable also. I always go right back to Christ on these things because He is the one who can truly know another soul. And the first one who has loved you is the Savior. The value of knowing the Savior loves you in this way and so deeply, is better than an Earthly soulmate. That doesn't mean that an Earthly companion in this life isn't super great too, it just means that to love Christ as much as you would a spouse is possible and achievable. The cool thing is, is that Christ will not hurt you, He will only love you deeply because your soul calls out to accept the great mercy He has for you. It would be great to find a special love in this lifetime, but if not, it is better to have loved. And Christ has died trying to save our souls, accept that love and pass it on.