Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This year at school I really want to inspire the children like some of the great teachers I know.  It makes me think of the times I have been inspired and how I can revive that in myself and bring it to others.

I always come back to music.  I think music carries many people through many burdens.  Music and words sooth and express rage.  One song in particular that inspired me when I learned it in the high school choir as a freshman was O Magnum Mysterium.  The version was from 1572 and I think we were learning it for Spring concert.

The teacher I had was not very inspiring.  She was crass and rude to me on more than one occasion.  I didn't know why.  I saw here again about 5 years later and I tried to be nice but she was rude again.  I appreciate that she introduced me to this song though.

The lyrics just came back to my mind last night and they are perfect for preparing for Advent. The music inspires me every time and brings me closer to God's call in my life to love those that don't show they want to be loved by others.

One last thing, I often went to the dark below level music library at LSU to listen to this recording when I felt I needed an uplift.  My favorite part is everything and the alleluias.