Monday, July 19, 2010

The Historical Modern Auto Enthusiast

It's almost over!  Summer that is, and my late, late, late night watching of Top Gear and what-have-you British television. I don't have time for tv during the school year, and this year I am moving away from free satellite television with 800 something channels to the wilds of central Florida. Minimalist living is calling my name. In the hopes of being Christ like, must I limit my dream of owning a pimped out black Jaguar XKR?

The Bible makesa strong case for definitely not!  The love of transport runs from beginning to end in the scripture and here are a few.

Example 1: Noah
If you really want a huge, massive, gas guzzler, look to Noah!  The Arc would have been a beast of a transport vehicle. Decked out in chocolate, timber brown with a completary green roof and real peacock hood ornaments.

Example 2: Jonah
None of us can say we never owned a whale of a car that really wanted to eat us alive. (Mine was a 1988 Jeep Wagoneer that stopped at midnight in the middle of the highway on a busy W. Esplanade Ave.)  I loved that car, but driving it meant I was taking my life into my own hands.  This proves there are always some lemons before a little repentance.

Example 3: Elijiah
I can only imagine the most pimped ride of them all in the glorious chariot that took this guy for his dream ride. 

Example 4: Peter
Really, all Peter ever talked about was his boat.  You'd think it was a 1967 convertible mustang or something.  He always wanted to be in and he was always picking up somebody.

Example 5: Jesus
Invision a ride so fly, the people you pass by lay down a carpeted pathway to Jerusalem.  Granted, he did say goodbye to the modest and loved donkey, but he was trading in for something close to Salvation. 

If anything, this short article proves I should A. not dream of ever having to take a donkey to work B. Study up on my deck building skills or C. Don't write anything at 2 o'clock in the morning after watching Top Gear.  Also, that before the modern vehicle, transportation was biblical.