Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Face of Jesus

In honor of Corpus Christi, I will share a question I had about the body of Christ before I confirmed in the Catholic Church in 1997.

I had one main question before I confirmed, how is it that the host turns to the substance of the Body of Christ?

I could clearly see the accidents of bread made into a small round wafer, but it was hard for me to believe.
Our Lord had a way with me then, He would wait until the moment I wasn't looking, or even paying attention really, and then, WHAM!! Christological truth right in my face.

To keep it short and sweet, there I was on a beach retreat. We were in a visitor's church kneeling on a sandy hard floor in adoration of Christ in a gold monstrance. I was kind of toward the back and basically having a lot of trouble following all of the Fatima prayers added to the rosary that everyone was saying.  All I could think of was the kneeling on sand thing. All of a sudden, I look up at the monstrance and I see Christ's face, like the one on the Shroud of Turin. Only I hadn't seen the Shroud face at that time and this was like a shining defined outline of Christ's face only on the consecrated host part.

Starring at it, I thought, okayyyy, moved a little to one side to check for window glare, moved a little to the other side to check for window glare, the face didn't waver, then I promptly bowed my head to try to keep up with the rest of the 30 college kids praying the rosary.

This personal revelation was enough for me to believe.  God knows how visual I am and I remember clearly that image. I am always happy to receive the accidents of the host in the hopes that the substance will annihilate the wretched sin within. (Much like the scene in LOTRs when Sauron loses the ring and his evil is vanquished for the moment.)

Gotta love transubstantiation.