Friday, February 5, 2010

The Power and the Glory

The Curt Jester at Splendor of Truth writes a beautiful article on your neighborhood relativists in abortion sect. Please read it.

Relativism has had many masks that try to masquerade as internal truths, thus creating political and economic wars throughout history. Many fail to note the spiritual war that is ongoing against life.

Today I found Graham Greene's The Power and the Glory. It is about a triumphant priest during a time in Mexico where few Catholics survived and Holy Saints were made.  The truth in the value of lives was masked by power.  Holy men like Blessed Miguel Pro died at the hands of revolutionists.

I am listening to Rise, Let Us Be On Our Way by John Paul II and he refers to the many martyrs of Mexico and the power of Faith there in Mexico.  The testament of this saint of modern times is the life he led in secret for a time studying to one day become one of history's holiest leaders of the Roman Catholic Church.  The regimes that tried to destroy Poland were also unable to destroy faith and true truth in men there.

Respecting the dignity of life is the truth of human nature. Relativistic choice only hurts others physically and spiritually.  Only truth lasts beyond regimes and relativistic movements.