Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sweet Mary

I loved reading about the month of May memories of the Mary and Me blogger. I went to public school so I was not so lucky to have those. But my very first memory of any knowledge of God or Our Lady, was when I was about 5 or 6 and I went into the kitchen at what seemed like midnight, to find my mom.

"Momma," I said, "I keep having nightmares and I don't know what to do."

She said, "Pray to Sweet Mary that they go away."

I did pray that small prayer from a small person and Our Lady certainly heard me, because I didn't have another nightmare type dream until I was 10. I remember because I was keeping track at the time, being so amazed that my prayer had worked.

So I was delighted tonight to go to adoration and see Our Lady! The last time I went to the chapel I sat on the right side in the afternoon. The monstrance is on a somewhat large wooden altar. I noticed for the first time when I just happened to look up, an image of Our Lady in the shadows of the wood grain. I kind of looked around at other people praying, as I do when these things happen. No one noticed, but I loved the image of Our Lady right beneath the monstrance. She seemed as if she was hugging a six year old Jesus who had just leapt into her arms.

Tonight I went late. I sat on the left side. I hadn't been since the last time and I forgot I had seen that image. I remembered after an hour and looked for it, but it wasn't really visible from where I was. I stayed for a while and eventually the room cleared out and the appointed parishinor for that hour turned down some of the lights, and there She was! So I sketched what I saw in the back of my bible. I love Sweet Mary, even in wood grains. Enjoy!