Saturday, January 31, 2009

Don't lie, you know you've dreamed of saving the planet from horrible creatures at the last minute. Well, here's a comparison. If you ever woke up from the dream and thought you could not save people, check it out...

------------------SilverSurfer--------------------------St. Teresa of Avila
Real name:-------Norrin Radd -------------------------Teresa de Cepeda
Birth home:------Planet Zenn-La-----------------------Avila, Spain
Purpose in Life:--Find planets for Galactus to Eat-------To be a Martyr
Failings in Life:---Loses humanity of himself----------- Health/ Doubt
Super powers:----Power Cosmic------------------------Mystic
Mentor:----------Galactus----------------------------- St. John of the Cross
Favorite pastime:-Surfing Space------------------------Ecstacy
Souls Saved:------Planet Earth 1970s------------------God knows and more 
Reality Factor:----0%-----------------------------------100%

"Perhaps we do not know what love is: it would not surprise me a great deal to learn this, for love consists, not in the extent of our happiness, but in the firmness of our determination to try to please God in everything, and to endeavor, in all possible ways, not to offend Him, and to pray Him ever to advance the honor and glory of His Son and the growth of the Catholic Church."

"For a soul which God allows to walk in this way [christian perfection] in the sight of the whole world my well prepare itself to be martyred by the world, for, if it will not die to the world of its own free will, the world itself will kill it."

" What was I afraid of? I asked myself. I had been wanting trials, and here were some good ones, and the greater was the opposition I endured, the greater would be my gain. Why was I lacking in courage to serve Him to Whom my debt was so great?"

St. Teresa of Avila Selected Writings 1950